Hello everyone; I am the Product Lead at <Montro C...
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Hello everyone; I am the Product Lead at Montro Collectibles - a platform that enables the co-ownership of luxury timepieces with asset-backed NFTs. We fractionalize high-end watches into a collection of hand-drawn NFTs, making it more accessible to collect parts (shares) of luxury watches. Our web3-based approach for the pre-owned watch market makes participating as a collector or trader easier. We connect our partnered brand-accredited retailers with a new and enthused audience. Our current status quo with Montro Collectibles: • Finalizing the product; integrating the blockchain on our website. • Launching our first funding round. • The sale of the Patek Philippe is expected to go live in February. Nice to meet you all. I enjoyed reading recent introductions from other members. I look forward to connecting and growing with more like-minded entrepreneurs. All the best, Jeremy