You know when you try to sell to enterprises and b...
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You know when you try to sell to enterprises and big companies, and they ask you if your data is secure? They ask if you have a SOC 2? You are like 🤔 what's that? You google "SOC 2" and you are more confused than ever You check out what you have to do, download some checklist templates and policies 😨, and whether there's something you can buy... BUT there's no pricing anywhere... You are like WTF... no pricing... 🤬 How can 2022 software for startups have no pricing??? That's wild! Dude... I guess I cannot do anything yet... Until... Today, Kintent is announcing Free SOC 2 compliance software for startups It's free to use Google Analytics is free Github is free AWS has a free tier Even Segment .io is free Selling to enterprises should have no barriers SOC 2 should be free Telling your data is secure should not be so damn painful... Still with me?
You can learn more at or at 🆓