Johannes Hörteis

12/09/2022, 1:21 PM
The referrer property on the session should show where the visitor came from. Eg. someone clicked a link on twitter to then referrer is But what if someone currently has twitter open - and he types in Will the web session of this visitor still list in the referrer property? Motivation behind this question: My lp can focus on telling a visitor what the product does …or - knowing the visitor has already had an explanation, eg. from a friend who then told him to visit - focus more on why the product is important. (And for those of you who tell me to start with the why - I know from my own experience that people don’t have enough patience for the “why”, when the “What is it?” question isn’t answered quickly) If a visitor comes from any domain, (unless I know it’s from a particular article/post/video where the product is being explained) - which would mean that the referrer property is empty - I would show them a version of my lp that is overly clear in the hero section on what is being offered.

Soren Godbersen

12/09/2022, 4:27 PM
No, definitely won't show as referrer. In GA or any other attribution tool an entry of a URL in the browser would show as source=direct