oops posted in wrong channel: Hey y’all - I just t...
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oops posted in wrong channel: Hey y’all - I just took a job as VP of Growth and Sales at Crunchfirm, we’re a full stack CFO firm for pre-seed, seed and series A US based startups that handles everything from bookkeeping, accounting, 409A, GAAP and Sales compliance, payroll, benefits, integrations, modeling, strategy, etc. for less than the cost of one financial hire to help you get in place to raise again. We’re looking for 10-12 new clients, because all of our ’22 clients are staying on. We have an in house team of licensed financial experts and pair you with a team that fits your vertical and the issues you’re having. Would love to chat if you’re looking to bring on your first financial firm or if what you’re doing to track cash flow isn’t working. Feel free to DM 🙂
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