Chris Vasselli

12/22/2022, 1:36 AM
Hi all, 👋 I’m Chris Vasselli, an independent iOS app developer based out of Nara, Japan (originally from USA). Before going indie in 2018, I was a software engineer at various tech companies for about 10 years. I have two apps, both in the area of Japanese language learning, and Nihongo is a Japanese dictionary and study tool that’s been on the App Store for 8 years, Nihongo Lessons is a companion app for learning Japanese that I launched just a few weeks ago. I like my indie lifestyle and don’t want to grow my business beyond myself, but I would like to make 2-3x as much as I’m making now so that I can comfortably support my family on the income, so I’m looking for ways to grow my userbase and increase conversions. Happy to be here!