# introduce-yourself

Amit Dhanani

12/23/2022, 4:01 PM
Hi All, I can provide training on following IT trainings any body require Following training I provide from Monday to Wednesday online only , 4 hour day or 8 hour a day. All are 48 hours training 1. Linux Administration(RHCSA) 2. Kuberenetes/Docker (CKA) 3. Devops (Jenkins,gitlab,git,CICD,bash) 4. Ansible (RHCE) 5. Certificatied Ethical Hacking(CEH) 6. Certified Penetration Tester(CPENT) 7. Fundamental of network, Web application, SQL, Database, and server (base for CEH and CPENT and AWS) 8. Chef 9. Puppet 10. AWS [9:29 PM] My linkedin profile