Hi Group, We come from Singapore. In our business ...
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Hi Group, We come from Singapore. In our business of monitoring webpage defacement as the means of cybersecurity, we already have clients from Singapore. As a cybersecurity curative tool, we have two engines: attack signature to recognize hacker's signature and profanities and external resource to detect unidentified domain from external link. Our website https://sentrypage.com inform all the details. We aim to reach out international market. Therefore, we join this community. It is just one of several digital channels we are currently working on.
Hey @SentryPage Support Team, We're a growth focused company helping SaaS reach their ideal customers all over the world with proven marketing strategies. We have already helped hundreds of companies and have a track record of driving success through digital channels. I would love the opportunity to partner with you. You can DM me if you're interested in learning more 🙂 Best, Rizwan