4 Typical Mistakes you are making on your blog tha...
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4 Typical Mistakes you are making on your blog that's not getting you 5%+ conversions i.e. product signups (more in threads)
1) Sending people to product signup or "book a demo" page from the blog (especially when the product is complex in usage) - They just read your blog and will only jump on a call after understanding your offering features, etc. People want to understand the product before half-hour demo calls or self-onboarding. 2) Same CTA on all blogs - Depending on the article and how bottom of the funnel it is, you should have different CTAs. Usually, for articles, which are top of the funnel, you would want them to subscribe to the newsletter to nurture. If the bottom of the funnel and the ticket size is high, pushing for demo calls is more effective. 3) Mirage content - Your articles have to be high quality. If you are fluffing or not adding info, you are upsetting the readers, and they would think, “wow, they just wasted my time; I am not coming back to this brand again”. So they are not going to read your blogs in the future as well if you appear in different searches. 4) Not using google model comparison- Most people who visit your blog don't signup the first time. They may bookmark it or keep the tab open for later, or just read another blog and signup. Most likely, if you have not set up this, you won't be tracking such signups. We also call it first-click attribution : it means conversion is attributed to the first user interaction with your website.