The Roadmap team launched another job-seeker solut...
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The Roadmap team launched another job-seeker solution! 👉🏽 If you’ve been looking for a job, you know the stress of updating your career assets (digging out your resume, dusting off your LinkedIn profile) and re-learning how to discuss your career wins in a cohesive, confident way. It often takes a month or more for job seekers to feel they have the proper assets to run an effective job search. 🌟 Roadmap can shorten that timeline by expertly crafting those career assets for you! 🌟 Use our special Product Hunt discount code to get 50% OFF! What you’ll get: 1. Your Industry-Standard Resume 2. Transferable Job Titles you are qualified for right now! 3. Top 5 Key Results to highlight in your resume, LinkedIn, social posts, and in interviews 4. LinkedIn & Social Networking Posts to 5x your visibility (proven to lead to networking calls and referrals for jobs) 👉🏽 Get your cohesive Career Roadmap to tell your story and LAND THOSE OFFERS! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽