Hey, introducing myself. I’m Neil. Over the years,...
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Hey, introducing myself. I’m Neil. Over the years, I’ve launched 4 profitable SaaS projects and recently, a weekly micro SaaS newsletter too. I’ve bootstrapped, grown, sold and exited 2 of the SaaS projects. The other 2 are currently profitable and growing as bootstrapped projects with a co-founder. Content marketing is HUGE for these projects. 2023 will see the launch of 4 more micro SaaS projects with those being journaled in my weekly newsletter, MicroSaaS Me. Super-happy to be invited here and I hope to be able to add value to this fantastic community Past and current projects: • AutoResponse Plus: Email marketing software. Sold and exited in 2015. • arpReach: Email marketing and automation software. Sold and exited in 2015. • bCast.fm: Podcast hosting platform. Launched in 2019. Profitable with growing MRR. • Abney: AI generated marketing resources for podcasters. Went from idea to launch in 30 days in December 2022. Profitable with growing MRR. • MicroSaaS Me: Launched in January 2023. Free weekly newsletter for micro SaaS founders and anyone interested in micro SaaS. Our build-in-public projects will be journaled here. We accept guest articles from micro SaaS founders. DM me if that interests you.
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