Hi everyone! After several years, a cross-country...
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Hi everyone! After several years, a cross-country move & market shift, dev hurdles, and other ups and downs, I’m so excited to share that my app, Blink Date, launched in NYC 3 weeks ago. Now before you roll your eyes and mentally swipe left on this post, I promise Blink is actually a different dating app experience. Blink doesn’t have profiles or swiping - people just tell us their dating preferences and availability and we set them up for 10 minute phone dates through the app so they actually get to talk to one another. 😳😳😳 Go on an actual date while dating? Crazy, I know! It absolutely beats the 10 hours a week people are spending, on average, swiping. In our first weeks, we’ve been hosting more than 10 dates a night and have a match rate 3x higher than the big dating apps. If you’re single, based in NYC, and want to try something new (or have a single friend in NYC who you want to see find love), check it out and let me know what you think 💜 I’m eager for feedback and excited to help people on their journeys to find love!