Hi all, currently i am facing issue convincing sel...
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Hi all, currently i am facing issue convincing sellers/ vendors to get on-board ,since it newly launched not so many product and services listed there and every other seller don't want to be first to list their items i am reaching out to sellers via their emails which i am fetching from here and there all over internet , bribing them to give 100% commission on their 10 sales but no one till now taking action anyone can give me an advice to get seller on-board ? my next actions are - 1. reach daily 20-30 sellers with same bribe. 2. create more online presence with blogs and article writing on medium and other platform. 3. try linkedin ads or google ads 4. Try to improve copywriting on my website ( i think its not so clear what i am solving) please add more points which i should consider :)
I’d start with one channel and just be very consistent. It’s easy to do more, but that’s actually a trap. So not: • More calls • More budget • More channels • More personas • More messages Instead, think about how you can get: • Better messaging • Better user research • Better personalisation • Better conversations • Better feedback loops So I’d think hard about the problem you’re solving. How are you taking these vendors from A to B. What’s the dream outcome for them and how likely can you help them hit that. I’d first focus on getting that message very sharp. Then share value around your niche at the places where people hang out online on a daily basis, and reach out to the people who engage with that. Plus reach out cold to people who you think you can help with that better message. That’s just 2 channels. (1 long-term, 1 short-term). Hope this gives some food for thought.
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Thanks ruben for advice i am reaching out them on reddit and you are right i need to focus better reaching out them and changing my cold talk rather than reaching them in big numbers until i figure out what approach working to get them board