Sujith Kattathara Bhaskaran

01/25/2023, 2:19 PM
Hi folks, I'm the Founder of GigsBoard - GigsBoard is the world's first intelligent Online platform for Outsourcing & Remote work. GigsBoard combines the agility of Freelancing and the flexibility of Crowdsourcing with the structure of Outsourcing to deliver large IT projects faster, more predictably, and more cost-effectively, for Startups & Small/ Medium Enterprises. Its like a seamless combo of an Upwork, a Jira, a Trello, a Slack, and a LinkedIn. GigsBoard comes with a set of features that make it very unique in the Gig Economy domain: - Clarity & traceability (of scope definition) - Transparency (of work status) - Alignment (of Remote-working teams) - Control, and - Trust. The following Carousel provides highlights of the key concept & Use cases for GigsBoard. What makes GigsBoard very different from other platforms is: GigsBoard aims to make engagements a true win-win for both Gig workers and small Agencies, & the Businesses that engage them via contracts. We are also building in features to make Remote work fully seamless. We're launching GigsBoard globally on 1st Feb 2023 via Product Hunt. Do check us out!