And recommendations for putting together an initia...
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And recommendations for putting together an initial sales deck? Hoping to find some resources that can help me understand this process and how to effectively build this out
For initial sales deck, use your website info and put it into a pdf. If your website doesnt have enought content / sales content, you should start from it.
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As part of the overall process of presenting a solution fit, the sales deck is going to be the first (and highest-level) platform where you take your prospect’s pain points and map them onto the benefits provided by your product while handling the most common objections. So, a good starting place is to ask yourself: • What set of high-level pain points are going to cover ~80% of my prospects? • What benefits does my product provide to solve these pain points? • What objections come up all the time that I want to preempt? And keep it 8-10 slides max. 🙂 DM if you want to chat more in depth. Working on this for a client right now, so very top of mind for me. Happy to talk through where you are with your sales process and give you some more concrete advice.
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