Hi everyone, I’m Erkan from Cubicl. I would like...
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Hi everyone, I’m Erkan from Cubicl. I would like to tell you about the Life-time Deal for Cubicl. If you want to reach the deal quickly: https://appsumo.com/products/cubicl/#overview Only 15 days left until the end of the campaign. Cubicl is a very comprehensive task and project management app. You can use it to plan and execute your marketing, sales or other business operations. Features you will find are: ⚒️*Task and project management*: Comprehensive task creation form, turning emails into tasks, workflows, sub-tasks and sub-steps, Gantt Chart, visualized reporting. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑*Team collaboration*: Notifications, private and team chat, activity logs and posting under tasks. 📜*File management*: Share files on projects, tasks, chats. store them. ☎️*CRM*: Customizable client portal, support page for your client, creating clients, bookkeeping entries, deals, sharing tasks and docs with them. 📱*Mobile apps* Addition to these, create forms and surveys, record time-offs, integrate Google Drive, Slack and many more.