Ankit Vora

01/26/2023, 3:48 PM
I'm looking to connect with SaaS customer success representatives. It's for one of my articles related to the use of AI in customer success. Would love if someone can connect me. Please please.

Darshan H

01/27/2023, 10:08 AM
Hey Ankit, I work for as a Marketing and Customer Satisfaction Head. Ansy is an AI tool to help automate Community FAQs for Discord Servers. We are launching for Slack and WhatsApp as well in the next few weeks. Let me know if you're interested

Conchita Fukunaga

01/27/2023, 3:28 PM
Hi Ankit, Have you heard about Codex? AI sales rep that we can use for Linkedin prospecting

Thomas Ryan

02/17/2023, 3:07 AM
I handle our customer success. 561-254-4007. text me anytime.