Hi All, sharing Sparrow with everyone here, we are...
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Hi All, sharing Sparrow with everyone here, we are in private beta now , if you are interested in trying out, please feel free to DM me or sign up on the website. • I am also on the hunt for a CO-founder who is growth focused, feel free to hit me up, if this interests you. What is Sparrow ? The Problem: Are you working in a SAAS/tech company or in a highly cross functional environment and fed up with the number of emails, slack/ team messages and meetings you have to look up on a day to day basis ? The Solution: We are solving this problem by streamlining communication based on the outcome required (Decision Required, Action Required, Status Update etc). Essentially, a tool that helps transform organizational communication culture to be outcome driven, asynchronous, friendly, transparent and efficient. *Our Mission: (*https://www.mysparrow.io/) Our mission is to help organizations transform their internal communication culture to thrive in an asynchronous, remote, hybrid friendly environment. Quick overview on Sparrow: https://www.mysparrow.io/what-is-sparrow