Hi Pros, I've just launch messaging app <OpnSouls>...
# ask-a-growth-question
Hi Pros, I've just launch messaging app OpnSouls. OpnSouls helps you get to know your friends better through daily icebreakers. When a user downloads the app, they have no friends and we aim to acquire users who will actively invite their friends. What do you think is the best channel to find such users? We launched on ProductHunt and got the product of the day, but I would not say that users are actively inviting their friends to the app. Can you suggest a better channel for finding these types of users? How can we effectively initiate a network effect? Maybe someone knows how BeReal did it?
Not sure what all is involved but two things come to mind: • are you asking questions that would incorporate another person, example: “favorite memory of you and (person)? • Are people able to share/post answers on social media sites. People want to show off. Help them. I think being clever about these two things will get you going. Just my 2 cents.👍
Thanks Ryan👍