Hi all! I am conducting 5-question interviews that...
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Hi all! I am conducting 5-question interviews that will help in getting perspective from our peers on how to make our go-to-market strategy effective (from things like content assets that work and metrics to measure success, to tips on positioning and insights into the campaign strategy.) 😊 This ‘*GTM Playbook 2023*’ will be a full-fledged interview. We at Content Beta will produce this asset, add it to our website and also promote it multiple times on all channels- over 30 Slack communities, our bi-monthly newsletter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, emails, etc. 👩‍💻 We create yearly reports and surveys on content marketing and customer success trends that are blowing up 🤯 We analyze the data from thought leaders and experts in the industry and produce these resources to help people new to B2B world! 📈 Here are some resources we created recently: One Swipe file for everything you need Trends in B2B Customer Education 2022 Product Demo Analysis of Top 100+ SAAS Companies Trends in B2B Content Marketing 2023 DM me 🙂