Hello everyone, I am Laura from <LENSELL>, a fin...
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Hello everyone, I am Laura from LENSELL, a fintech platform based in Melbourne, Australia, that helps investors and investment professionals make better informed decisions with data driven insight and technology. We have global ambitions since our applications are not market specific, so we are looking to connect and work with growth specialists from your channel, and learn from other business that are on the same pathway. Have a nice morning, day, evening - wherever you are!
looks promising, we have started working with some companies in similar space, we help them in analyzing all documents viz. legal, nda, term sheets and contract with our powerful AI product https://www.askcorpora.com/, where investors and vcs can ask question based on relevant company data mentioned above. They are seeing some really good results. you can try it, it's available as free beta. if you decide to get meet with us, let me know. we can really provide your already awesome product some more value.
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Interesting! If you’re looking to roll out with a direct GTM strategy feel free to book a chat with us; can definitely help. ColdAgency.io
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