So we launched our “Sandbox”, as the fastest way t...
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So we launched our “Sandbox”, as the fastest way to checkout and experience Datazip !! I’m trying to get 50 users to experience Datazip by the end of the week. Any chance you can help? • Know someone that works in data, tag them in the comments • If you work in data, sign up and take a look around (it's free !!) • Need end-to-end no code Data stack in your own cloud? We do exactly that! • Need data transformation framework? (We are releasing transformations in coming weeks) • Work with us already? Add a note about your experiences in the comments Really really want to help? - Share among your network All go a long way. I'll drop the link below to sign up for free! __ If you sign up today, you'll get access to our Data Transformation framework right when it comes out (in the coming weeks). Self serve Data Engineering for Analytics with no code.