# introduce-yourself

Alexa Zuroff

02/23/2023, 6:53 PM
Hi! I’m looking to take on new clients for my CRO / sales strategy / implementation consulting firm called No BS Consulting. You can email me @ I’ve worked building rev opps and leading sales teams, as well as coaching founders, execs and their sales teams in their early stages for 12 years, and have worked under Gary Vee, Jason Calacanis, Flatfile, MarketerHire, etc. If you’re looking to optimize revenue or start, revamp your sales org or need advice about monetization, GTM, copy, set up and structure, don’t hesitate to reach out through the email above or DM me. Also it’s not live yet, but if you want to see the website, it’s and it’s password protected, but happy to share.
Open to one off, short term or long term engagements