Abhishek Upadhyay

02/24/2023, 8:36 PM
👋 Hey folks, trust all good! 🤝 I’m Abhishek, a fractional head of growth working on GTM and 1-10 growth problem statements for B2B SaaS startups. 🙏 Needed 2 mins of your time and attention to read this post that will go a long way in helping me and my team on this new GTM project. 🎁 I’d love to return the kindness back by offering you a free actionable consultation/geeking out session for 30 mins on your growth or career problem statement, drawing from the insights I have gathered in scaling multiple venture funded startups (YC, Startupbootcamp, Times Internet, Quona etc.) from 0-8 figure $ revenue over the last 10 years, mentoring 100+ growth leaders/founders on growth, and from mastering the Reforge Growth and Advanced Growth Series.
• I am figuring out PMF for a startup — SmartCue • SmartCue helps product and business teams build interactive, embeddable & sharable product demos so your customers can try before they buy. • We’re conducting user research to determine exactly what we need to build that will help you. 🎯 If you have experience with (i.e. have used or purchased) interactive demo tools like Navattic, Arcade, ProductFruits, Reprise, Walnut, Storylane etc, I could really use your help`.` 👉 I am trying to figure out the following: 1. How did you hear about these products? 2. More about you as a person & other products you buy. 3. Your core experience with these products 4. What’s good and bad about the product? 5. What influenced your purchase decision?
👉 Here’s a short form to record your response async. (You can book your actionable growth strategy/career consultation session with me at the end of this survey.) :heart_hands: Thanks a ton for spending 2 minutes on this.