02/28/2023, 6:42 AM
Building trust using content in outbound sales can be daunting because you are reaching out to prospects who may not be familiar with your brand or your products and services. Therefore, your content needs to establish credibility, authority, and provide value that addresses the specific pain points of your target audience. We invite Kacper Floryn from to lend his insights from his great experience on the same and help maneuver through this minefield. How to build trust using content in outbound sales: What types of content are most effective for building trust in outbound sales, such as blog posts, white papers, case studies, or videos? How can businesses measure the effectiveness of their content during outbound sales, and what metrics should they be tracking? What are some strategies for building long-term relationships with customers through content, rather than just making a one-time sale? And much more! Attend it here: