Hey guys, My name is Jack O'Connor, I am building ...
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Hey guys, My name is Jack O'Connor, I am building a SAAS product called UChefs which is launching very soon. UChefs is the first vertical platform that empowers home cooks & chefs in being able to monetize a full range of culinary skills online & scale a truly global customer base. We are an online marketplace connecting home cooks & chefs with paying customers online. The cooks & chefs can monetize a full range of their culinary skills from recipes, cooking livestreams, subscription services monthly, private hiring and meals & drinks to offer to customers. The customers can personalize the services & products they want to buy from the cooks & chefs based on their requirements albeit dietary, health & nutritional requirements. The sign up page is attached below if you are interested in signing up to our launch. Be great to see you signed up & offer any feedback as we are always welcoming feedback on the product. https://u-chefs.com/
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