Fa'rath Shba

03/07/2023, 1:21 AM
Hello everyone 👋 - I was approached and given an invite by Evan into this Slack channel. PS: I am not exactly sure which Evan it is from here, but I would like to say thanks to Evan! 🙂 Anyhow, to introduce myself - I am Farath, a Technical Account Manager working for CloudBlue (not a Cloud company but a eCommerce platform company). I am here to help jobseekers in the tech space with my weekly tech jobs newsletter which I do hope everyone shall benefit from. And by the way, I published my 100 Tech Jobs Every Week newsletter onto ProductHunt and hope to get more upvotes so as to reach more audience! PS: Please let me know if I can help anyone here regardless of any fear. I am happy to help! Once again, thanks guys!
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Jesús Antonio Vizcaíno Jiménez

05/30/2023, 2:26 PM
Vote taken! 👍