Hello everyone, :tada: My name is `Max Pham` and ...
# introduce-yourself
Hello everyone, šŸŽ‰ My name is
Max Pham
and I am excited to be a part of this community, thanks to Even for introducing me! (hey Even, pls ping me) Brief about my self: ā€¢ My family & I are *in H*anoi, Vietnam ā€¢ +23y in Tech: most of my experience is to consult Tech solutions to business ā€¢ current CTO for a $50M US eCommerce startup ā€¢ turning to a
in the making of
B2B micro-SaaS
ā€¢ Next year, planning to turn my family into
Digital Nomad Life
šŸ˜Ž I am Active on: ā€¢ Twitter: twitter.com/MaxTPham ā€¢ ProductHunt: producthunt.com/@maxtpham ā€¢ and Indiehackers: indiehackers.com/megagik WHY: to keep up with the latest tech trends, find Tech gems, and am always happy to connect with people to share and learn together, and to help each other grow our businesses I will brief my current side-project in #share-what-you-are-working-on Thank you & very happy to connect with friends here! šŸ«¶ Have a great day! šŸ‘‹
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I'm a big fan of PH, everyday review products to find Gems (believe that Unicorn šŸ¦„ born here) ā€¢ Give them suggestions ā€¢ Refer good products to my network & my own startups So please connect on PH!