Ilie Diacov

03/09/2023, 12:55 PM
Happy Thor’s day everyone! I wanted to reach out to you to share an exciting opportunity for a marketing director role at Slash is the only browser extension that reduces prices on your online shopping — with one click, you pay less. The “Buy with Slash” button allows users to shop with a lowered (or “Slashed”) price. We’re now growing in the UK and support a variety of global partners like, eBay, Currys, Boots, ASOS, Walmart, BestBuy and more joining all the time. Here’s more info on this role. We expect that a fitting candidate will has had experience leding a marketing process in a B2C startup from zero to substantial results in a European/US market (tens/hundreds of thousands of users, millions in turnover, or other significant metrics) You can apply by contacting us Many thanks for your attention and participation!
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