04/15/2023, 9:41 AM
Hi All, Let me introduce you all to The Blue Bot Chrome Extension 🤖 To watch how the app works, please visit: 1. Create tweets: 📺 2. Reply to tweets: 📺 😊 Generate Tweets: This Chrome extension is designed to help you easily create tweets that are tailored to your current mood or sentiment, powered by ChatGPT, with minimal effort, directly on Twitter. No need to copy and paste. 💬🤖 Supports Sentiments: You can quickly navigate through different sentiment categories such as positive, negative, controversial, and more, and create tweets with just a few taps. 👍👎 🙏 Reply to Tweets: The app automatically reads and understands the context of the original tweet 📱📝 and generates a reply using Chat GPT. 💬🤖 ✏️ Manual Edit: You can also customize the tweet by adding your own words or phrases. ✍️ 🌎 Supports Multiple Languages: You can tweet in multiple languages as well. The app supports all languages. 🌍 ➡️