Trey Chong

04/15/2023, 3:23 PM
Regained 90% of the Ahrefs DR after 301 Redirects We wanted to share some exciting news - our recent 301 redirects of to our new domain,, have been a huge success! In just three weeks, we regained 90% of our Ahrefs DR and even higher traffic than before. ✌️ One of the main reasons for the domain change was to improve our SEO strategy. With the new domain, we have a higher exact match to high search volume keywords, and we’re already seeing a good trend in our keyword ranking on Google. Deciding to change our domain name was not easy, but we knew it was necessary for the long-term success of our brand. We put in a lot of work to ensure a smooth transition and are thrilled with the results. We hope this news inspires others considering a domain change to go for it with the right strategy and execution. 😁