05/25/2023, 10:19 AM
Hi fellow, does anyone have some thoughts on launching affiliate campaign for a SaaS? Especially on how to recruit promoters and motivate them to do affiliate? We just launched the affiliate campaign for Booltool but actually not good as I imagine. Many people signed up while few have real referrals and paid customers. Quite curious about what to do next🥲. Hoping to hear some ideas from you guys.

Simon Svanberg

05/25/2023, 2:46 PM
We at Up Strategy Lab are specialized in building B2B Partner Programs, where motivating and engaging partners is key when constructing a partner program. We have a lot of growth plays published here which perhaps can give you some inspiration for your affiliate efforts, from a partner point of view?

Saibu Baba

05/25/2023, 9:22 PM
Great resources from Simon. I'm thinking, how about listing on affiliate platforms like Impact or Partnerstack?