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Daily Growth Tip: Instead of promoting your newsletter, get more subscribers by promoting specific content Although it may appear strange, advertising your newsletter is not the greatest strategy to promote your newsletter. Promote certain pieces of content to increase subscriptions. For The Interested's Josh Spector has tried a variety of adverts to increase the number of subscribers to his newsletter. He discovered that ads promoting a specific piece of content outperform those promoting the newsletter overall. People are more inclined to click on fascinating content than a random newsletter, and if they find the piece useful, they frequently subscribe via the signup form at the bottom of the page. For the greatest results, choose your best piece and make sure it showcases what your newsletter generally gives. While Josh was experimenting with Facebook advertisements, it is logical to infer that this holds true for other platforms and types of promotion as well.
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Solid share here! No one cares about your newsletter - but they may care about a certain topic.