:wave:Hey folks! Big day for ROI4CIO team today -...
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👋Hey folks! Big day for ROI4CIO team today - we’ve finally launched our #Roi4Presenter Customer Catcher on #ProductHunt. it's the tool for lead generation and outreach that streamlines sales presentations and webinars. 1️⃣ Our Сhrome Extension helps you set up a show and create a link to your presentation directly from Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Linkedin. 2️⃣ You will receive a notification when the listener follows the link and you can join and communicate in real-time. 3️⃣ All information about how much time the listener spent on each slide of the presentation will be available in email reports and CRM (there is integration with HubSpot, SalesForce and and other CRM, mailing and marketing automation services (SendPulse, Zoho CRM). With #R4PCustomerCatcher you get not only leads, but also the opportunity to talk with the client. And now racing for #1 Product of the Day. Please support us using the link below 💙💛 - it really helps to keep us going! 👉https://www.producthunt.com/products/r4p-customer-catcher #Roi4Presenter #ProductHunt #launch #R4PCustomerCatcher #linkedin #gmail #cms