Anyone have experience with Reddit as a marketing ...
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Anyone have experience with Reddit as a marketing channel? I’m exploring potential options on the app and I would love to chat with anyone who has found success there.
@Aleksandar Micev
Hey @Emerald Nwanne The person I tag above has more experience in reddit marketing he probably can give you better advice then I. Personally reddit is very good for engagement and getting feedback on your product. But it is not good for direct promotion. But it all depends on your target market can you send more information about your app.
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It's tricky to use Reddit as a marketing channel but it has so much potential. 1. Be authentic. Redditors are kind of people that will call you out immediatlly if you try some bullshit marketing strategy there. 2. Give more than you take. Try to find 2-3 communities that are close to your product/service and engage in conversations be helpful and where it makes sense plug your product. 3. Post only high quality content. One strategy that worked for me was to post high quality content without any links, personal learnings/stories tend to the best. And then after few days edit the post and plug your link into it. It will have passed enough time for the moderators not to notice it, but it will still gain traction. 4. If you are trying to get fast results use . It's a reddit DM automation tool it lets you target people in certain subreddits that have used certain keywords. That's pretty much it
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@Aleksandar Micev Could you expand on howitzer a bit and your experiences with them please? I have had my eyes on the tool for the last couple weeks and have been looking for an excuse to pull the trigger
Overall it's a great tool, i've had a lot of successful campaigns with it. On the down site, it's reddit depended tool so they sometimes have problems due to that. 1. Works great for getting feedback for your tool 2. Works great for building a community They have a lot of resources on their website so check them out if you are looking to start with them
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@Aleksandar Micev have you found success for direct conversions? Or more for community building,awareness, and feedback?
I haven't really tried to use it for direct conversions.
If anyone is doing Reddit marketing and wants to understand now subreddits are related, I download all 300GB+ of comments from Reddit per month and run some nerd magic on it to understand how people in one subreddit belong in another, so I can give you lookalike audiences for Reddit. Here's an example for r/iPhone