Does anyone do successful outbound sales these day...
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Does anyone do successful outbound sales these days? I get pitched every day by companies to increase leads by outbound. However, my experience has been mixed. A couple of companies we tried didn't show any meaningful results. Is outbound dead? If it is working for you- how are you doing it šŸ™‚
Absolutely not dead šŸ™‚ Personalized and multichannel approach, focusing on the social selling approach and community benefits into play. A company that does no outbound and still grows is in my opinion probably missing out on a lot of revenue.
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@Anna-Lisa Natchev is right. you need multi-channel outreach. Here are a couple of growth hacks that's working for me: 1. Reach out to prospects who are attending relevant events. 2. Find an industry influencer. scrape people who made comments under their recent post. and send them a connection req. saying "saw you comment on X's post about Y. I believe {your pov}" +70% acceptance rate.
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I've had success with email and non personalised. It's about numbers. I've spent the past 5 months learning about how to build the right systems, processes and tech stack.
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Definitely not dead. ā€¢ I recently built a highly scalable outbound marketing engine for a HRTech SaaS that sends ~50k+ outbound emails per month. Gets ~30 sales qualified leads through it. No personalization in emails. We do a lot of A/B testing of subject, copy and CTA here. This approach works like a spray and pray methodology, and works mostly for mid-senior managers. Your TAM also has to be large (~1 Mn prospective users). ā€¢ Again, built a really small outbound marketing engine (sends ~1k emails per week), generates ~10 quality conversations. Mix of personalized and non-personalized emails, targeting decision makers. The CTA usually is to get a ā€œY/Nā€ to a question and get them on a call. Data collection and analysis helps improves number over the period of time. Also - email copy should be <100 words (3 paragraphs - opening lines about the prospect, second paragraph about yourself and the product, third paragraph about CTA). Quirky breakup emails also work.