Hi, I was wondering if someone could share any in...
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Hi, I was wondering if someone could share any insights/experiences working with Pendo or a similar tool. Looking to collect analytics on user interactions and overlaying helpful information/walkthroughs. Thanks!
In the past, I consulted Pendo. Being a front-end developer. It can do both walkthroughs/tips and collect analytics. It is a great product. They have advanced since then immensely on the analytics side and machine learning side, as I learned from talks they gave since I left. So I recommend that you consider using them.
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@Alberto Calvo As a rule of thumb, it's recommended to analyze data on such interactions in your product analytics tool as well as the in-app guide analytics. Like this, you can see the big picture and better understand the impact of the in-app tool. Besides the usual "how many people start the guide and how many complete it," look into how much the guide has influenced a specific action within your product. You can do this by comparing the behavior of the users/accounts that interacted with the guide and those that did not. Run this analysis for each step of the guide. You may find that just a few of the guide's steps help, while the others barely have an impact. It's interesting to see which steps; if the impactful ones are towards the end of the guide, you may want to rethink the flow. We hear great things in the market about Userflow and Appcues also - worth giving them a try. HOpe this helps
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