08/07/2022, 3:11 PM
I'm based in New York right now. The rents and fares have increased like crazy. My team is worried sick about their expenses, and obviously the salaries are staying the same. Are there others feeling the heat?

Stefan Despotovski

08/08/2022, 8:24 AM
That is not just happening in New York @Ash it is happening all over the world.

Jordan H (open for work)

08/08/2022, 11:43 PM
Yup, been that way for the past 10 years or so.

Donatas Jonikas

08/12/2022, 9:30 AM
O yes... even in Lithuania it's the same. Well, rent fares aren't as close high as in NY but salaries and business revenue is not at the same level as in NY as well.