Hello everyone. Asking a question: is sending DM h...
# ask-a-growth-question
Hello everyone. Asking a question: is sending DM here good and acceptable practice? Where are the community rules listed? @BradI mean, promotional messages.
Hey @Dmitry nobody likes a promotional message in their DMs here, so try to send helpful messages instead. If you have any additional questions feel free to ask me in my DM.
Hey @Stefan Despotovski I’m not sending messages to anyone here, but I’m continuously receiving them. which is strange in a community called “Growth Marketing Pros.” That is the reason for asking. Does anyone here care about the spam?
Aha, got it, thank you for reporting this, please DM me with more details about this.
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if you find someone that needs help, send them a helpful dm without any expectation and they may help you
yeah better to report 'em to the admins