Hey folks, I'm looking for SaaS awards for B2B&amp...
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Hey folks, I'm looking for SaaS awards for B2B&security products. Do you have any recommendations that you tried or heard?
Check out the categories here: https://www.cloud-awards.com/software-as-a-service-awards/ I think there were a few about security and B2B
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Thanks @Tina
ur welcome 😊 gl with everything
Hey Haley! Although these aren't exactly awards, my B2B FinTech SaaS company has a certification program for developers, agencies and strategic partnerships. Depending on the type of SaaS & security product you have, a certification badge / certificate / inbound link from us might help with the social proof aspect, if that's what you're aiming for. Happy to waive the fees if any of these look like they might be a fit. Developers: https://wallet.inc/certification/developer Agencies: https://wallet.inc/certification/agency Partnerships: https://wallet.inc/certification/partners Feel free to send a direct message if any of these might serve your needs. Thanks!
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