Hey <!channel>. We recently started collaborating ...
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Hey <!channel>. We recently started collaborating with Indie Hackers where we can get your side-hustle/startup/business exposed to: - Their Twitter profile (currently at 88,000 followers) - Our series on Indie Hackers (currently at 9,000 followers) - If the content is good enough, it will also be featured on the Indie Hackers newsletter (which just reached 100,000 subscribers). Are you one of the following? You don't have to be all of them, just one: - You're currently running multiple profitable businesses (you're like Daniel Vassallo, Tony Dinh, Pieter Levels, just not many people know about it). - You're building a profitable side projects while you're still employed. - You're making millions as a solo founder. - You went from $0 to profitable in less than a month. - You've managed to turn your side hustle into your main hustle. If you're one of the 5 above, then we want to hear your story! Just fill out this Google form and we'll get in touch with you shortly if you qualify.
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how much is it
lol I am an Indie Hackers ambassador and they haven't offered that to me before haha... might have to have a chat with our sponsor 🙂
@Indie Hackers - Perth Ambassador if you have good stories to share, pretty sure they'll be interested.
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@Indie Hackers - Perth Ambassador it might be because youre Perth based mate 😛
Lol for sure 🙂
the a$$ end of the world :)
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Thanks for the opportunity!
Just filled out your form for my new SASS Zoobl (www.zoobl.com)