# growth-tips

Stefan Despotovski

08/29/2022, 2:16 PM
Daily Growth Tip: Get backlinks by giving your product to nonprofits for free. Quality backlinks are critical for SEO. Increase your SERP rankings by donating your product to charities in exchange for a backlink. Many businesses benefit from nonprofit SEO juice by sponsoring or donating in exchange for a backlink. If your budget is limited, there is a less expensive option: offer your product (or service) for free. It won't cost much as long as new user onboarding is inexpensive. And it might be worth it to gain a few points in the rankings. Reach out if you believe your product would benefit a nonprofit. Give it away for free in exchange for a mention on their sponsor page, blog, or somewhere similar. Because most have a limited budget, they are often open to this type of arrangement.
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