Hello, Curious if here is someone who might need a...
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Hello, Curious if here is someone who might need an new monetization/payment system for small payments/microtransactions that is easily accessible for both business and customers. We are freshly launched startup and we are looking for an early adopters. if you might know someone who it can be an asset for his business, please let us know or just DM us 🙂 thanks in advance for your help!
Hey Kiril 👋 I might be interested but I have a few questions… I’m looking for something like this but it’s a very specific usecase. Does your system integrate with wordpress? Does it allow international transactions (even to countries that don’t have paypal)? and how much do you take from the sale as a service provider? Is it a fixed sum or a % ?
Hello @Tina, We are working with crypto, means no limitations to any kind of transactions or issues between regions. Our system has an API, its up to you how you integrate it...if its WordPress or what ever. At this stage we cut 6% fee from your consumers, means we don't cut into your earnings. when we will grow bigger we will lower the fees. thanks in advance!
Hi. Looking for something to implement in app purchases(subscriptions) in PWA, would love to see the API\capabilities
Hi @Igor G, you can enter into our site, register and go to the documentation section...there is all the information regarding the API you need. Also if you have questions join our discord channel or read the FAQ. https://payvolt.io/
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