Hey, everyone, i would need your advice about: whe...
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Hey, everyone, i would need your advice about: whether we should apply the same code of GA&GTM to our website & web APP ? 🤔 • We need website to gain traffics, so we need to check website viewing data and ranking, don't want it mess with webapp viewing data; • need to track the conversion from website visitors to signups on our web APP; • need to track user behaviors on Web App, which pages/features they stay and leave If you could share your ideas or places where i could find the answer, please let me know, thank you!
@Ivona is pretty knowable about this she might give some advice about this.
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I recommend you to go for GA4 (the new Google Analytics product). GA4 allows cross domain tracking easily. All of this done trough GTM.
For deeper understanding of what happens on your app you may find interesting to check Mixpanel or Segments. It can be done with GTM but it requieres quite some dev work
Thank you, you are all so kind!
@Robert Albornoz yes sir, we are now using GA4, if GA4 allows cross domains, we'd better to use different code for different subdomains, in case the viewing data messing up, am I understanding you right? And we are also exploring Segments as well, so many tools to know everyday:(
@Aleksandar Micev thanks for sharing, will sure check it out!
@Surie Ma for app we would suggest mixpanel, let me know if you need any help in installation and setup