AdverGames to drive active engagement in a marketi...
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AdverGames to drive active engagement in a marketing campaign Games allow your audience to take an active role in your marketing campaign. This engagement alone can make a world of difference. Forced ads on Youtube, gated content, pop-ups, etc. are not always fun. The worst part is, people get distracted by traditional ads and jump onto other activities. On the contrary, games put them in the driver's seat. They don't think they are forced to play a game. They are playing it to have fun, and most importantly its their own choice. We are social creatures. We seek adventure, competition, and achievement. Games are the most viable way to deliver all of these safely and conveniently. From a marketing perspective, these innate human experiences lead to active engagements. A business can smartly use these engagements to deliver its messages, offers, and drive sales. Games have this amazing power to connect with the target audience for almost 3x longer than other media. Even if its an advergame or branded game, most people won't mind. Gamified marketing campaigns combined with rewards, for example, a simple leaderboard, coupons, or point swap help the audience connect with a brand emotionally. In this crowded era of the internet, gamification can be your best bet toward building a human-centric brand/business.
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