# ask-a-growth-question


11/24/2020, 4:33 PM
To get things started, here's a recent cold email @Akhil Ramesh got from AppSumo. It seems these guys are now offering 90/70% rev share (as opposed to 30%). So if any of you get an offer from them, you have something to counter with 😄 Does anyone have any other cool cold email screenshots to share?


12/02/2020, 7:38 AM
We've been accepted, but they don't mention the rev / share, fee or anything. I think this is because we will be listed in the community marketplace, but I don't know why. I asked them but well, the truth is that I find it difficult to understand how this whole thing works and if it's worth the time to set up the appsumo plan and the redemption gateway.