# ask-a-growth-question

Stephane Ibos

12/01/2020, 9:58 AM
Sorry for the re-post - I put a link preview in my previous. Still need a bit of help though - if you guys can spare a few seconds. We are now growing at and have decided to revamp our website. Keypup is a developer workflow streamlining platform. We help developers & tech leads get more clarity on their daily activities by providing data aggregation and automation. As we keep growing, we thought it was time for a website makeover. Whether you are a developer, tech lead or not at all, we would love to get your view on which one you like best out of the 2 we have. Developers tend to like things that are straight-to-the-point, slick and self-explanatory. They love focus and trendy. With that in mind, your views on helping us decide would be massively appreciated. Thanks so much!