Hello fellow Growth Marketers! just wanted to shar...
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Hello fellow Growth Marketers! just wanted to share some good news before bed time! As a programmer I wanted to build something of my own as a side hustle, easier said than done!!!  so I built my online education platform teaching Python programming etc couldn’t get a soul to part with their money 😄 they register for FREE and then go cold. I offered free courses and even tossed in FREE 1-2-1 zoom sessions and still no takers and so I stopped creating courses, started reading digital marketing books, trying to figure out what I was doing wrong! clearly my fault somewhere. I came across Russell Brunson’s DOTCOM SECRETS, EXPERT SECRETS & TRAFFIC SECRETS, so I started reading them making notes, sketching everything out, following exercises to understand my audience, myself, who I want to serve and why, all the things I never spent anytime trying to understand. I really geeked out on these! Thought my target was something like #learn_to_code turns out it is was more like #I_hate_my_job Long story short, once I understood my audience, learnt how to position myself better and with grown confidence I locked down my site removed the FREE stuff and put courses behind a payment gateway monthly subscription £37p/mo and explained why I was charging in a video on the site, No one is paying me anyway so no difference there. The very next day email from Stripe ( Payment on the way! ) I was shocked, then another subscription and another and growing! My Indie Hackers profile is hooked up to Stripe api attached is the figure so far, not a lot of money but as a side hustle that makes me feel so so proud! I still have a ton of marketing tips from these books to implement, especially around collaborating with influencers who have my dream audience, updating copy to be more relevant, and price model needs changing too! I recently started a new Youtube channel, at first I thought I will code and show how to code, then realised that was giving too much and now focused on all the surrounding messages and leave coding for the platform still early days but from that converted 6 paying students. I hope this encourages anyone starting off like I am and trying to get that first conversion, I am happy to share what I am learning along the way, feel free to DM mostly revolves around content creation, sharing to the right audience and gaining confidence in your messaging. P.s Pinterest has been a really weird source of traffic for me, it is not talked about very much, hidden gem?