Spent my weekend analyzing video types published b...
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Spent my weekend analyzing video types published by our users with Vidjet.io. Here is what I found out 👇 Your Facebook Ads videos won’t work on your website. Each video type should be used at a certain moment of your customer journey. Something needs to be clear: Video Ads ≠ On-site Videos ️ Also called ‘media buying’, video ads are designed to bring traffic to your store. On-site videos work towards creating a relationship of trust with your visitors. 🤝 For example, an animation video on a product page doesn’t work as well as an authentic video showing people using the product. The animation video is watched less than 40% of its duration, while the authentic video reaches 75+%. 📈 Important note: this analysis was performed on a sample of 100 short videos, between 15 and 55 seconds.