# introduce-yourself

Dave Cutler

07/02/2021, 2:52 PM
Hi, Excited and honored to be asked to join this group. I'm a product designer and entrepreneur, and am now completely focused on my startup, WAVE, with my cofounder and team. At WAVE we address #2 cause of accidental death of children, drowning. 88% of drownings occur with supervision present, and 25%+ occur with lifeguards. They happen because drowning is extremely hard to detect. It happens in seconds and is typically silent. Most victims look like they are simply swimming or playing underwater. Sadly, drowning rates have risen over the past year. So after a 9 year old classmate of my daughter drowned in a town park despite 5 lifeguards and 6 counselors watching the water, we developed system that uses small lightweight wearables and real-time tracking that determines if a swimmer is at risk. WAVE immediately alerts caregivers before the event can escalate. The system is portable, sets up anywhere, and works in any type of water, from indoor pools to remote ponds. The pandemic hit us pretty hard, be we are slowly rolling out our commercial systems at a few schools, YMCAs, hotels and more. We've also recently released a version for home use, the WAVE w10. Please check it out and let me know what you think. Hopefully I can get some ideas here to help promote WAVE and get us needed exposure, I also hope to help others with my experience (for whatever it's worth). Many thanks, Dave Cutler