#ratemywebsite #saas #enterprise Hi guys, I'm wo...
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#ratemywebsite #saas #enterprise Hi guys, I'm working with an Enterprise SaaS provider, and I would greatly appreciate some external feedback on our website. Please look at the website (here) before continuing further down the post, and let me know your thoughts. I will describe what we do below; I don't want to cloud your experience of the website. SOME QUESTIONS If you could, please help me by answering the questions below as well • What, in your opinion, it is we offer? • Is it clear what's being offered? • What does the website communicate? • How would you change the website to? I appreciate any additional feedback; design, positioning, everything. WHAT WE OFFER • AI-Powered white label nutrition apps • A complete Food API for developers that includes custom made recipes, the ability to analyze ingredients, meal plan generators, restaurant finders and menu analyzers • The ability for businesses to increase the lifetime value of their existing (and new) customers Thanks a lot!
yup I am not as smart as @Matt Banker but even my system says the same for keyword "telewellnes"
also man, u have very few internal links.....u have to increase them